Monday, December 14, 2009

New Course on Copyright for Authors, Publishers, Owners?

I am considering developing a new course on copyright law for those who create, publish and distribute content. Some of the issues in this course include:

- how do I protect my work?
- do I need to use a copyright symbol?
- how long does copyright last?
- do I need to register my work?
- how do I get permission to use content of others' in my work?
- are there any free uses of content?
- what are the rules regarding adaptations of works?
- how do I make money from my work by licensing/assigning it to others?
- what are the rules of ownership if I am employed or jointly create a work?
- how do I avoid infringing copyright when creating my own work?
- are there special rules relating to digital works?
- what do I need to know about international copyright law?
- how do I deal with infringers of my work?

What else should be part of this course? Please post a COMMENT below with your thoughts. Thanks.