Saturday, October 1, 2011

Bill C-11, Copyright Reform in Canada

The Canadian government introduced on 29 September 2011, Bill C-11, An Act to Amend the Copyright Act. This bill is identical to Bill C-32 which was introduced in June 2010. Bill C-32 died in March 2011 when the Canadian government fell in a vote of no confidence. This is the 4th attempt at amending the 1924 Canadian Copyright Act in order to address newer ways in which we all create, distribute and use copyright-protected works, and in order for Canada to be able to join the two digital WIPO treaties. There are some indications that the bill could be fast tracked and passed by the end of 2011.

It couldn't be a better time to refresh your knowledge about Canadian copyright law and get familiar with the proposed amendments to the Canadian Copyright Act. You’ll find CCM201. Canadian Copyright Law Principles a great opportunity to learn about and understand Canadian copyright law. Whether a primer or refresher on the basics of Canadian copyright law, looking for interesting discussions with colleagues, wanting to learn more about the proposed amendments, this course will meet your needs.

Dates: October 17th – November 7th
Format: 3 live online sessions, discussion list participation, and independent readings

Topics include:
+ Background and composition of Canadian copyright law
+ Copyright reform history and discussion of proposed copyright amendments introduced 29 September 2011
+ Criteria for copyright protection and what works are protected
+ How to protect copyright works
+ Ownership, protection and exploitation of rights
+ Fair dealing and exceptions for libraries, archives, and museums
+ Obtaining copyright permissions
+ Copyright infringement and remedies
+ Comparison of Canadian and U.S. copyright laws

CCM201 is offered as part of the Certificate in Copyright Management, but may be taken à la carte.

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